Why Sister Wives Fans Think Kody Got Lip Injections

Sister Wives

Kody Brown from Sister Wives has once again given followers ample mocking material, thanks to a new picture featuring his rather puffy lips. The show’s longtime viewers have enjoyed teasing Kody because of his vanity, which has only grown over the 17 seasons. The father of 18 puts a lot of value on his physical appearance. Now, he seems to have taken it to a new level.

Kody has not been a fan favorite on Sister Wives for some time. He alienated many viewers for his comments about his ex-wife Christine Brown, his ego, and his blatant favoritism toward his fourth wife, Robyn Brown. His constant denial of the unfair way he treats his wives, and his need for his family to bow down to his will, has lost him many fans. Because of his behavior, followers of the show have no scruples about Photoshopping Christine’s boyfriend over his face in family photos, or calling him names, or making fun of his hairstyles. Sometimes, his critics mock all of the above at once.

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Why Sister Wives Fans Think Kody Got Lip Fillers

Kody Brown from Sister Wives curly hair looking upset

In a video posted to Reddit by CacklingCankles2023, an older image of Kody was shown, and then slowly replaced with a more recent one. In the latter picture, his lips appear thicker, and his face, “looks puffier” overall. One fan compared Kody’s current look to having, “clay lips.” It is unclear whether Kody’s change in appearance is due to, “fillers and Botox,” but it is undeniable that his looks have changed dramatically. To more than one fan, this doesn’t seem like a flattering look for Sister Wives star Kody, as it makes his face look, “bloated.” If he were to, “age naturally,” he wouldn’t look so, “off.”

Why Sister Wives Fans Think Kody Is Getting More Vain

Kody Brown talking to cameras looking angry in plaid shirt Sister Wives

Kody’s new look seems like an attempt to appear, “younger,” but fans think he ended up looking a little, “weird,” as it’s obvious that something was done. Rather than create a subtle shift to his face, he looks, “cadaver gray” and unhealthy. As one viewer aptly put it, “[n]o one is more vain than Kody Brown,” They view his attempts to look youthful as one more sign of an inflated ego. Any possible cosmetic treatments seem like a frivolous use of money to his critics, as the Browns still have the Coyote Pass property to pay off. All these supposed changes may be inspired by Kody’s jealousy of Christine’s relationship, as she is happy without him.

Kody’s ego and jealous nature won’t allow him to age gracefully, as his ex-wives have. Instead, he seems determined to fight a natural process with fillers that distort the shape of his face, thereby altering the work he put into his fitness journey. However, Sister Wives fans aren’t surprised at all by his vanity, as his obsession with his appearance has been well-documented. Kody’s need to be seen as an attractive person in the eyes of others has been a talking point among fans for years, as the lengths he goes to look young are absurd. The new fillers may simply be another one of Kody’s worst moments.


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