Why RHOBH’s Lisa Rinna Deserves To Be The Highest Paid (& Why She Doesn’t)


Lisa Rinna reportedly made a bid to become the highest-paid housewife of any franchise and there are some major pros and cons to Bravo accepting this.

Lisa Rinna of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reportedly bid to be the highest-paid housewife of all time to return next season. Lisa may get a bad reputation for being the Beverly Hills villain; however, that’s just because she owns her opinions and is willing to stir the pot regardless of what people think. In many ways, not caring what people think of her is Lisa’s superpower in Hollywood, the Bravo universe, and life.

In RHOBH season 12, Lisa’s shown every side of herself. Amid her grief over her mother Lois’s passing, Lisa’s been feeling all the feels. She’s been depressed and overwhelmed. At times this has resulted in lashing out at Sutton Stracke. At other times, it meant bursting into tears at group events. Simultaneously, Lisa still found time to be a loyal friend to Erika Jayne and repeatedly pushed the RHOBH season 12, which was called heavily produced, plot forward.

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Lisa is allegedly seeking a $2 million dollar contract for RHOBH season 13, according to Radar Online. Kandi Burruss from The Real Housewives of Atlanta currently makes a little under 2 million, making Lisa’s bid not only hefty but an ask to be the highest-paid housewife across the franchise. Unlike her peers, Lisa’s not afraid to push Bravo and is willing to walk away if she doesn’t get what she wants.

Why Lisa Rinna Deserves To Be The Highest Paid Housewife

In many ways, Lisa’s earned the right to be a little cocky. In the absence of Lisa Vanderpump, Rinna has kept the plot moving and maintained a storyline when her castmates are more concerned with saving face. Lisa’s confidence empowered her to boldly ask for a significant salary increase. With the exception of Erika’s legal troubles and Garcelle Beauvais and Sutton’s refreshing friendship, few RHOBH stars have brought as much content to the show as Lisa in recent years.

Why It May Not Work Out For Lisa Rinna

On the other hand, most housewives with the highest salaries hail from RHOA, with Kandi and Nene Leakes at the top. The highest-paid RHOBH has been Denise Richards, who was reportedly getting paid $1 million per season. Denise’s thriving career as an actress was likely a significant factor in her negotiation. On one level, this gives Lisa another good reason to argue she deserves more as a seasoned actress herself. At the same time, RHOBH only started trending as one of the highest-rated franchises recently, and Lisa’s been on the show for eight seasons.

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Time will tell if Lisa, who likely exaggerated Kathy Hilton’s meltdown, gets the number she’s asking for from Andy Cohen and the rest of Bravo’s executive producers. In many ways, Lisa deserves it after giving so much to the show. If men led the Real Housewives franchises, they’d likely have been paid more than a million a year for years. The major downside of Lisa’s request will be if Bravo refuses it and she doesn’t return. Lisa’s absence would be a major loss for RHOBH. At the same time, if she is successful, Lisa could set a precedent that encourages her peers to demand what they deserve.


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