“This is pure witchcraft” – Speculations as soldier ants attack pot of jollof rice (Video)


Young lady laments the unexpected guest of soldier ants that trooped into her apartment to attack her pot of famous Nigerian Jollof rice.

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'This is pure witchcraft


A video making rounds on social media captured the infestation of soldier ants around a pot of jollof rice.

According to the lady, the intention was to return home to her pot of food but to her surprise, the troops of ants had reached home before her.

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Unfortunately, she resolved to take the local cassava flakes better known as garri for dinner instead of the sumptuous pot of Jollof.

“Next time, please keep your kitchen clean, extremely clean, this one is not a witchcraft, clean,” a social media user wrote in reaction.

Another concerned user added, “This is Pure Witchcraft.”

Watch the video below …



See more reactions below …

M.D malvin said: “If there destroy your property den it a danger sign, but if there just working round without spoiling anything, put sugar in a bow, add water and sprinkle.”

Fuseini M Amin said: “Where I’m from when this happened it means success is at the Conner, pray for it blessing is on the way to you.”

OluboriOluwakemi said: “Goosebumps all over me as I was watching it. Better go and rent another house.”


'This is pure witchcraft



'This is pure witchcraft' - Speculations as soldier ants attack pot of jollof rice (Video)


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