Stop blaming celebrities for not helping people, hold your government responsible Peter Okoye tells Nigerians

Stop blaming celebrities for not helping people, hold your government responsible Peter Okoye tells Nigerians

Peter Okoye of music duo, Psquare has a message for entitled Nigerians who are fond of blaming celebrities for their poor standard of living.

In an Instagram live session, the singer told them to direct their anger to the government and not celebrities, as they aren’t entitled to helping them.

Peter told them to stop looking for people to blame, and start holding government responsible.

The father of two noted how those in power were sending their children overseas for medical treatment and quality education, yet Nigerians expect celebrities to build schools and hospitals for them.

Speaking to those questioning him for not signing any artiste, he stated that not everyone must sign artistes. He made reference to the late Michael Jackson, who only signed his sister before his untimely death. Peter pointed out the hypocrisy of how Nigerians would have dragged him for engaging in only family business, if he had signed his sister.

Peter Okoye tells Nigerians to hold the government responsible

Mr P, as he is fondly called added that he doesn’t want to sign artistes.

He said, “I invest more money in technology. You guys say Psquare who una help? Who una bring up? Who did Michael Jackson bring up? It is not every body artist must sign. Me I don’t want to sign again.

MJ brought his sister, if I bring my sister, you all would say it’s family business.

A lot of people need help, but please learn to hold your government responsible. Enough of looking for people to blame you guys are quick to blame celebrities.

You are waiting for celebrities to build hospitals, build schools. Meanwhile your government is taking his own kids, abroad for treatment, taking them to school abroad”.

Peter Okoye slams Nigerians who insulted him for flaunting his mansion in US.

This isn’t the first time MR P had slammed entitled Nigerians, just days back, he had blasted those who called out him for living large abroad.

The singer had flaunted his luxurious mansion in America. He used the video to show off the lavishly furnished interior of his house in Atlanta.

The video sparked reactions online as many felt he was showing off, while another compared him to politicians who buy properties overseas rather than invest in their indigenous land.

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Reacting Peter Okoye declared that many Nigerians need serious deliverance, because rather than attack politicians who use their hard earned tax payers money to buy houses abroad, train there children in the best school abroad, they are in his comment section slamming for showing off his mansion gotten from his hard earned money.

He wrote;

”They use your hard earned tax payers money to buy houses abroad, train there children in the best school abroad. And even go for medical treatment abroad! You come here dey troll me we dey my house for abroad dey do world tour. You need serious deliverance! Ode!

You praise your oppressors that denied you the best things in this life and come February 2023. they will give you 5k to sell your vote for them. And you think I will be affected My brother! My sister I only want A Better Nigeria VOTE WISELY.”

Peter Okoye sends strong message to poor Nigerians

Peter Okoye popularly known as Mr P has a message for poor Nigerians.

The singer is one of the few celebrities, who has been vocal about the forthcoming election.

Taking to his Instagram story, to share a photo of him living his best life.

Mr P stated that if Nigerians don’t vote wisely, they would end up suffering.

The singer, was no doubt referring to the average Nigerians, as they would suffer the most if a bad government enters into power.

“If you like don’t vote wisely, Na you go suffer. Wetin concern me”.


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