Netflix’s Perfect Match Star Chloe Veitch Teases Surprise Engagement

Perfect Match Star Chloe Veitch Teases Surprise Engagement

Chloe Veitch recently starred on her third Netflix show when she joined Perfect Match season 1, and the Essex woman just announced that she has truly found her perfect match in real life. Chloe experienced ups and downs on the show, as the perpetually cheerful and upbeat British bombshell dealt with both new feelings and past flames. However, former Too Hot To Handle and The Circle star Chloe has now shocked her fans by hinting that she is engaged.

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After recently looking for love, Perfect Match’s Chloe Veitch took to Instagram to make a surprise announcement. Chloe teased her 1.8 million followers with news of a proposal, as she shared a series of photos of her alone, as well as with her Perfect Match co-star Ines Tazi.

Chloe reflected on an eventful year in the caption of the post. “This years been an unexpected one, finding love, finding more life long friends, hitting my first million on tiktok, Being sober, being on my 3rd no1 Netflix show, moving to LA and a proposal? Also it’s my birthday Sunday I’ll be FUGGIN 24,” Chloe wrote to her fans.

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Chloe Veitch’s Fans Were Surprised To Hear Of A Proposal

Shayne Jansen and Chloe Veitch posing for a photo on Perfect Match.

While Chloe received complimentary words for her achievements, the Perfect Match season 1 star shocked fans with her engagement hint. “A PROPOSAL??” one confused user wrote in all caps. “You can’t lead us on like this babe. talk about a cliffhanger sheesh,” another fan wrote back. “Sorry… PROPOSAL?!?! MISS CHLOE WHAT,” another shocked fan exclaimed. Many of Chloe’s followers demanded to know who she was seeing. “Pls tell us who you’re dating!!! we need to know,” another user begged. “It’s some LA athlete,” one commenter speculated in the thread. “She’s keeping the suspense so people keep checking back,” another user noted.

Chloe has been popular since she appeared on Too Hot To Handle season 1, while her charm almost led to her winning The Circle season 2. The Essex woman had multiple romantic connections on Perfect Match, as she quickly bonded with Love is Blind villain Shayne Jansen before revealing unresolved feelings for her The Circle ex-boyfriend Mitchell Eason. However, Chloe was believed to be single after filming. Therefore, it is completely up in the air who could have proposed to her. However, Mitch confirmed to Chloe that he wasn’t ready for marriage for at least another half decade, while Shayne still had unresolved feelings for his ex Natalie Lee.

Currently, Chloe has yet to release the name of her mystery man, though she now has the rapt attention of her fans. The reality TV star did not confirm if she accepted the proposal, so there is a chance she is teasing her followers for clout. Since appearing on Perfect Match season 1, Chloe has almost reached 2 million Instagram followers and is likely eager to see her follower count continue to rise. However, she also has a favorable reputation among her fans. There is a good chance that Chloe has moved on to someone new and left her Perfect Match exes far behind her, though she has yet to confirm her partner.


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