Bartise Reveals Bizarre Behind The Scenes Requirements On Perfect Match

Bartise Reveals Bizarre Behind The Scenes Requirements On Perfect Match

Questions are surfacing following the release of Netflix’s latest binge-able show, Perfect Match, and Bartise Bowden wants to share what went on behind the scenes. The Love Is Blind season 3 alum filmed two dating shows nearly back to back. Bartise left Nancy Rodriquez at the altar on Love Is Blind, and although matched with a few women on Perfect Match, he didn’t seem to make any genuine connections. Bartise has made a name for himself for the ways he was depicted on both shows.

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The Perfect Match season 1 cast is beginning to discuss their experiences now that all episodes are released, but Bartise has revealed juicy behind-the-scenes details as well. In an interview on Zachary Reality, Bartise answered the burning question as to where the Perfect Match cast members were located when they weren’t matched in the house. Bartise told the podcast host that when cast members are not in the house, they stay in a hotel room by themselves and are not in communication with the other unmatched participants at all. Further, when staying in the hotel room, they’re limited to a “monitored” 30 minutes with their phones. Bartise also revealed that he was in Panama for about five weeks, so for those that weren’t in the house for long, a majority of their time on Perfect Match was pretty uneventful.

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The Perfect Match Cast Didn’t Know What They Were In For

Bartise Bowden, Izzy, and Ines on Perfect Match.

According to Bartise, he and other Perfect Match co-stars were misinformed as to what the premise of the show was going to be. In the podcast interview, Bartise revealed that the series was sold to him as more of a competition show that was to be focused on challenges with a “spring break” theme. Bartise noted that he wasn’t in the mindset to take on a dating show, as it was a mere three days after he broke up with someone who he didn’t name. The dating aspect of the show wasn’t known to Bartise until he was in Panama, when they asked a series of questions regarding his love life. Perfect Match did include the spring break vibe and challenges, but there was definitely an established dating show theme as well.

@bartisebNew show, same beverage. Tequila water lime 🙃 Perfect match was supposed to be a “spring break for adults” so give me a break😂♬ original sound – bartiseb

Limited and monitored phone time for several weeks likely doesn’t sound favorable to many. The rules Bartise exposed did probably motivate the Perfect Match cast to put forth more effort into finding their person. The details of what goes on behind the scenes provide additional perspective for viewers, as it’s easy to rush to judgment on reality TV stars and their interactions. On the show, Georgia Hassarati said that she was so exhausted from filming and being in the house, so maybe some enjoyed the quiet time in the hotel. The monitored and short period of time the cast was granted to use their phones is difficult to picture, especially because most, if not all the Perfect Match stars have an established social media presence.

Still, there are two questions left to be addressed are whether the show will be renewed, and where a potential Perfect Match season 2 would be filmed. With Perfect Match being brand new, there is a lot of curiosity regarding the cast and its production, especially because the cast were all established reality TV personalities. As for the show’s success in matching its impressive lineup of cast members, that is still being sorted out, though it doesn’t seem promising.


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