Actress Bimbo Akintola gives reasons why Tinubu is the best presidential candidate for Nigeria (Video)

Bimbo Akintola gives reasons why Tinubu is the best presidential candidate

Nollywood actress, Bimbo Akintola has joined the list of celebrities declaring love and support for presidential aspirant, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

In an interview with TVC ‘Your View’, Bimbo stated that she wouldn’t be bullied into disassociating herself from Tinubu’s campaign party.

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Bimbo Akintola boldly stated that she is working for Tinubu, while pointed out his unique qualities which makes him the most suitable.

According to her, Tinubu builds talent and has contributed to the growth of many in the industry, but political and entertainment wise. She noted how he was the one who took care of Moji Olaiya’s bills when she died and how he has helped many in the industry, without knowing them.

Bimbo added that she knows the APC presidential candidate has vision for Nigeria and would uplift the country.

She said,

“I am working for Asiwaju.

Asiwaju builds talent. He finds people who can do things. Look at his cabinet – Fashola, Osinbajo were part of his cabinet and so many others.

He has supported our industry. When we lost Moji Olaiya, he flew her in from overseas and paid for everything.

I know he has a vision for the country. When he comes and we see the people he would work with, we would be excited.

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Bimbo Akintola isn’t the only actress, who has declared love for him.

I love Tinubu, he is a good man, I might vote for him’ – Toyin Abraham reveals

Recall that Toyin Abraham, had declared her love for him.

She shared this on TVC’s “Your View,” detailing that she loves Tinubu because he has done so much for the entertainment industry.

The Nollywood actress stated that although she hasn’t decided who she will vote for, she might vote for Tinubu.

“I love Asiwaju and I’m speaking about myself. I love him, I might vote for him because I love him. I’ve not decided but I’m just saying it. And because of the things he has done for my industry,” she said.

Olaiya Igwe defends his support for Tinubu

Also, veteran actor, Olaiya Igwe had gone the extra miles for Tinubu when he went unclad to pray for him.

Defending his action, Olaiya revealed that, Tinubu’s wife helped him during his trying times.

In a video uploaded by Punch, the actor was seen in a phone conversation, where he addressed the controversial video.

According to him, Tinubu’s wife, Remi Tinubu took care of him when he was ill. and even offered to fly him out of the country for treatment.

“The time I was sick, Remi called Ajala Jalingo to take me to Ikeja Teaching Hospital that they should take care of me and on the third day, she called and ask me if I have American visa and if I don’t have visa, they should quickly arrange it for me. So her husband will now come out for a position and I won’t support?”.

Still addressing it in an interview with TVC ‘Your View’ host, he revealed that he was commanded to do it spiritually.

According to him, a voice spoke to him while he slept, and told him to prove his love for Asiwaju by going naked and praying for him.


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